(Solved) How to Fix Samsung TV On-Off Problem


Hi, Welcome back technicians, Today on this topic you will be able to learn the complete process of How to Fix a Samsung TV On-Off Problem. Guys it is a very common problem in Samsung LCD/LED TVs. if you are a technician then you must know about it. To learn this process property please read the Full article till the end.

First of all, guys, you need to verify the problem. Please note down, after how many times it is going to turn off itself. It can be 5 minutes, 20 minutes, or 1 hour.

So today we will learn the complete technical process. I mean to say is, it will be a complete board-level repairing tutorial about Samsung LCD/LED TVs. So if you have not good knowledge or if you are not a technician then please take it to technicians they can help you.

But if you are a technician and also want to learn to solve the Samsung TV On-Off Problem then we welcome you on this post. Guys, please do any operation at your own risk, we would not be responsible for any damage/loss due to your lack of knowledge.

How to Fix Samsung TV On-Off Problem

Back before some years, Samsung Company produced many TV models with underrated capacitors on the Power Supply board in TVs.The result of this issue was the Samsung tv turning off by itself and on itself after a few seconds. You will also see some annoying clicking noise from the TV during this On-Off process. if you also having this issue then please read this post to get the solution to this Samsung TV On-Off Problem.

So before going forward we would recommend some tools which will be used during this operation. screwdriver, a soldering gun, and some solder.

1. Open Up the TV

Now please use the screwdriver to open all the screws in the back panel. After that, you can easily open the TV. Guys, please save all the screws you will need after repairing this Samsung TV.

2. Disconnect the Power Board

How to Fix Samsung TV On-Off Problem
How to Fix Samsung TV On-Off Problem

First, Disconnect or plug-out all the wires, pins, and plugs from the power board. Open all the available screws on the power board. Now you can easily remove it from the TV.

When you have the mainboard in your hand. Seek for the leaked or bad components in the power board. The bad component will be notable, it may be leaking some electrolytic fluid. In my case, Here is a bad leaked capacitor in my power supply board. So now let’s remove and change the new one.

3. Remove and Replace the Bad Capacitor

Bad Capacitors in Samsung TV Power Board
Bad Capacitors in Samsung TV Power Board

Now remove this bad capacitor. Before touching it please first discharge this capacitor by using the tweezers. Now if you have removed the bad capacitor from the power board of your Tv. Then note down the Value of this cap and purchase the new one. you can purchase it from any Electronics market in your area or it will be also available in online stores.

If you found the right capacitor with the same value, now you need to replace it. Please put it in the PCB in a proper way. You must put it in the right way, as you removed it before. Now sold it using the soldering iron. And then check it on the TV. If the TV is working fine then well and good. In my case, My TV is working well and now the Samsung TV On-Off Problem has been solved.

Last Words

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